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The burglar alarm rolling shutter motor--If something comes under roller shutter door, the shutter will reverse automatically.


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The patented No: ZL201521094794.9; ZL201720739880.3; ZL201720112892.3 

This series rebound roller door motor is manufactured based on the request of DB 35T 1111-2011. Meanwhile, add 2 functions. The first one, if the something comes under the door, the shutter will get reverse automatically. Second, if the door is leveraged, the rolling door motor wills burglar alarm.

 alarm rolling shutter motor

When the door body encountered obstacles, the weight of the door will be suppressed in the obstruction, door’s pieces running blocked, resulting in sprocket and motor has a speed difference, which touched the resistance, rebound mechanism, so that the door shut down and alarm rebound rise. Thus, the motor will protect the pressed objects and door to minimize damage.

This rebound roller door motor has a protective route device. When the door in the lower limit of the state closed, and the door affected by others or leveraging, the device will trigger an alarm to warn others.

This door motor has left and right two kinds of installation, not interchangeable assembly. Need to use the left installation of the motor, please contact the manufacturer to order!

The rebound roller door motor can be equipped with accessories:

The installation of door pieces: 

When installation of the first piece of door pieces, the first piece of door pieces should be vertical with the reel, in order to effectively play the burglar alarm function and shorten the resistance of the action of the rebound distance.

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