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New type 3A 400kg (AC/DC) Roller Door Motor Series

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    3A DC/AD 400KG
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    20 days approximately
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    Zhangzhou City
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    Xiamen Port
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New type 3A 400kg (AC/DC) Roller Door Motor Series:

1. Hidden design, integration of motor and reel , beautiful appearance with little space;

2. Guide slot bracket into the installation, convinient and simple;

3. Tube installation, strengthen the reel stiffness, reduce the deflection value, reduce the motor function loss;

4. Smooth operation, uniform force, high efficiency, suitable for high-power and high torque motor;

5. Hand chain design, can open and close the door when power off;

6. Separate from control system for easy maintenance;

How to installation of the 3A 400kg automatic door opener :

1. Please read the product brochure carefully before installation;

2. Please use the riveting which is our company specifically with stainless steel pull nails;

3. The use of seamless steel pipe, pipe shaft diameter must be greater than 108mm;

4. The thickness of the reel shall not be less than 1.5mm;

AE: The length of motor is about 435mm;

BE: The motor is fully inserted into the pipe shaft length is about 340mm;

BC: The guide wheel length 20mm, take BC center line aliquot mark 6 points, ready for pull riveting;

DE: The drive wheel length 30mm, take DE center line aliquot mark 6 points, ready for pull riveting;

3A 400kg (AC/DC) Roller Door Motor is our new design products. We are most professional rolling door motor manufacturer in China, which famous for good and stable quality. 

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