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Fast Brushless AC/DC Roller Door Motor JMJ224-DC

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Fast Brushless AC/DC rolling door motor:  JMJ224-DC


Fast brushless AC/DC rolling shutter door motor is a entirely new product manufactured by our company adapting to the demand from markets. We adhere to the human-oriented design concept in product research and development. Making products on the installations and maintenance more convenient, more fast, and more reliable in use. It is the replacementproduct of traditional AC and brush DC electric roller shutter door motors.

1. With the function of manual control and remote control. You can also add manual button.

2. With UPS. You can operate motor many times if there is no 220V electric supply.

3. Can be configured infrared device and alarm system device.

4. Motor is with lightweight, easy installation, multiple function and simple operation. It is the best choice for moderm construction.

5. Can add extra rebound funtion



Fast Brushless motor




Traditional roller shutter motor


Tubular motor


1)Don't need to adjust and loosen the screws of housing for left and right installations, just turn it around, very convenient.


2)Align the screw hole of the gearbox with the screw position of the support plate, and then push in. Tighten the nut without adjusting the chain and small sprocket.

1)Left and right installations, requiring tedious adjustments with housing.


2)When the motor is installed with the support plate, use a hand to holds the motor, and the other hand adjusts the small sprocket to insert into the motor shaft, then adjust the chain.

The motor size shall be marked on the pipe, the motor shall be inserted into the pipe for drilling and riveted reinforcement.


Quick installation, saving time and effort.

Heavy motor, tedious installation.

Installation is not easy.


Small structure and push forward installation method allow easy replacement of the motor by simply relaxing the nuts, no need of big space.

Larger body, more difficult to replace the motor.

It takes a lot of work to replace the motor, requiring to disassembly the whole door sheet. Cost time and energy.


Quick lifting speed

Slow lifting speed

Fast lifting speed

The more automatic devices used, the stable and great roll up door motor we supplied.

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