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3A Tube Rolling Door Motor

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3A Tube Rolling Door Motor (installed in roller):

1) The newest patent product, based on the international advanced technology;

2) Suitable wide of door: under 4.5m;

3) Installed together with the big tube, replace one part of tube;

4) The size of motor diameter: 4 inch; 5 inch is optional;

3A AC 220V Tube Roller Shutter Door Motor Function:

1) Using AC 220V civil electricity input

2) The main motor use 24V safety voltage, and will not cause security incident.

3) More relaxed requirements for input voltage, you can still use normally in the voltage instability or low-pressure regions.

4) DC-3A tube rolling shutter motor with power storage could keep the nomal function includes manual operation, remote control, anti-theft under the situation of blackout.

3A DC 24V  Tube Roller Door Motor Function Introduction:

1) Hand operation: This motor could be installed manual switch outside in case of using remote control inconvenient.

2) Emergency devices: if the motor breaks down and couldn't open or close normally, you can use the hand devices to open and close the door under the emergency situation.

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