Rolling Door Motor
3A built-in tube rolling door motor - 2017/08/29

New type 3A 400kg (AC/DC) built-in Roller Door Motor Series:

3A 400 built-in rolling door motor is the first developed roller shutter motor for the bad conditions in the not conductive to installation, such as small holes and so on. It's suitable for the gate, crystal door, 77 insulated door dedicated motor.

3A 400KG built-in tube motor have applied and access to a number of utility model patent certificate. It's strong advantages to enhance the force, good shape in appearance, easy installation, no space and other advantages by the majority of users like.

About the difference between 3A built-in tube roller door motor and ordinary rolling shutter door side motor, 3A built-in tube door motor installation for the built-in nested installation, easy installation and easy appearance. Ordinary traditional rolling shutter side motor installation for the bracket plate fixed screw installation, easy installation but the installation location is more limited.