The BRICS in the Xiamen city - 2017/09/06

The BRICS in the Xiamen city

September 3-5, 2017, the 9th meeting of leaders of the BRICS was held in Xiamen, Fujian, China. The theme of the meeting was "Deepening the BRICS partnership and opening up a brighter future."

The convening of the BRICS National Conference has led to the gradual formation of the "BRIC" cooperation mechanism, and the international influence of the "BRICS" as representatives of the global emerging economies is also increasing.

"One way all the way" initiative and "going out" strategy has become China's active participation in the important manifestation of globalization. Xiamen is at the core of the Maritime Silk Road and plays an important role in the "going out" strategy. China and Europe are connected to Xiamen and Europe, most of them in the territory of Russia, Xiamen is an important port city in China, but also and India, Brazil, South Africa to maintain close economic and trade exchanges.