New type of Anti-fall device recommend - 2017/06/13

New unicorn new anti-fall device, double protection for safety plus points!

Working principle:

Product assembly diagram

When the curtain uniform rise or fall, the anti-fall device with the normal operation of the motor.

When the chain is broken, the motor shaft wears, the curtain is out of control to accelerate the falling, anti-fall device to start, stop the curtain to continue falling; the same time, the switch is driven open, the motor stops operation, play a double protection, to prevent the role of secondary injury. Product assembly diagram

Product characteristics contrast

1. Maintenance difficulty

    Traditional anti - fall device: BIG

     New anti - fall device: SMALL

2. Whether it is used for machine shaft wear

    Traditional anti - fall device:  NO

     New anti - fall device:  YES

3. Whether it is used for chain breaks

   Traditional anti - fall device:  YES

     New anti - fall device:  YES