New products introduction-3A 400 rolling door motor - 2017/06/06

There is one type of new tubular rolling shutter motor in our factory, which called 3A 400KG(AC/DC). It's combined with the physical architecture design. After several destructive tests from research, it introduced to the markets.

The advantages of 3A 400KG (AC/DC) roller door motor as follows:

1. Hidden design, integration of motor and reel , beautiful appearance with little space;

2. Guide slot bracket into the installation, convinient and simple;

3. Tube installation, strengthen the reel stiffness, reduce the deflection value, reduce the motor function loss;

4. Smooth operation, uniform force, high efficiency, suitable for high-power and high torque motor;

5. Hand chain design, can open and close the door when power off;

6. Separate from control system for easy maintenance;

It's showed on our website in the "PRODUCT" , if you are interested in this new motor, please clinic the product page to visit detail informations.