HUALIN - 2017/06/28

Throughout Chinese rolling door motor market recently, there are a part of manufacturers addictive to the fight for price war in this industry. They do not focus on the quality and reputation of product only lower and lower price. Such a radical business sales will only extremes to the final production Manufacturers, distributors, consumers lose everything, no profit. Manufacturers and distributors not only make money, but lost the most precious reputation. As the saying goes, "laugh at the end, is the best smile," can laugh at the end, is definitely a solid quality products, this is an eternal truth. Quality is the lifeblood of enterprises; any business from the quality of this criterion, there will be no prospects at all. The pursuit of quality although this road is full of rugged, but definitely a bright future of the road. We are always insisted on taking this road, conscience products, consumers do trust products, for the door industry companies to provide sophisticated matching rolling shutter door motor. All employees of the company have been working on this road, from the strict control of raw materials, to the production of excellence, and then to the depth of brand advertising, and strive to build the shutter door motor industry, "China's top brand."

Today, our company gradually increases the advertising investment, hire well-known comic artist Li Jindou as spokesman of "HUALIN" brand, trying to enhance corporate image and improve brand awareness. In the future, the company will be through the media, network, plane, mobile advertising and other carriers to promote, so that more people understand the "HUALIN", accept "HUALIN", recognized "HUALIN."

Zhangzhou Changtai New Qilin Machinery Co., Ltd. has a group of skilled technical staff and management team, and Taiwan's health training schools to establish a long-term strategic partnership, the production process, quality control and other aspects of professional guidance, and now, The company has developed into the domestic roller shutter doors motor industry's most promising prospects, the most competitive market enterprises. At present, the company is actively developing strategic partners, and strives to integrate through the resources of all parties, and constantly expand the scale of the company, enhance corporate reputation and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

We firmly believe that only the brand name to go further, let us work together, "HUALIN", sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation.