Why can not credit on business? 28 Dec 2017

Do you know that?

Your credit may bring difficulties to others. Your credit will make everyone bad days, the monthly store rent, staff costs, the management costs of these expenses, the credit will led to no cash flow, and there are no money to maintain the business going on. Generally speaking, in the roller shutter motor industry, great materials cost high. With the strong competition in the different brands and the material getting higher in the period time, the profit is becoming lower and lower.

Why payment to delivery?

The more business credit, the more people the object, and lead to the more offended people.

So at the beginning of cooperation, we should dare to have some requests.  Do not be afraid to lose the business, over the bottom line to lose the principle, the final result is a loss of money!

As a top rolling door motor factory in the motorized rolling shutter industry, we always focus on the great and stable quality. We use the best material to make ever motor even if the cost getting higher and higher in this period of time.

We respect every customer in a timely checkout, even if the amount is not large, high quality requirements, but the timely checkout is the greatest credibility and wealth! Credibility is a person, a company, the source of development!

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