The reasons why the government strict grasping environmental protection 06 Sep 2017

In this year, the environmental protections are more and more strict grasping. Many companies are closed, stop production or cut production. There are many complaining in everywhere. Many small company bosses bankruptcies very soon. And the local government is contradictory; grasping environmental protection will directly affect the GDP, affecting the tax Income, affecting the employment, maybe also brings social instability.

Why is the Chinese government still going to do this? The surface is to control the environment, to the people a blue sky, a clear river, clean air. But this is not the main reason. The main reason is:

1. Clear the economic development of the spoiler - dirty messy irregular business

2. To improve the employment environment of enterprises

3. Effectively increase the government's fiscal revenue

Only to allow all enterprises to formalize, the government can be better to stabilize the community, better real service enterprises to serve the people.

For enterprises, if all enterprises are formal, then everyone's costs are similar, it will not appear tax evasion, tax avoidance, stealing and so on. Business owners can also put all the energy on the real development of the enterprise, do not have to live on the fear of the day, do not need to move crooked brains. For consumers will not buy those ignorant of the product. The central future to the "have to play, have the responsibility, conscience" of the enterprise, rather than for their own interests to ignorance of the conscience of the enterprise, for the conscience of the enterprise in the future society must not survive space.

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