The drawbacks of low price competition 02 Aug 2017

In recent years, the industry enterprises "collapse", "shut down", "bankruptcy", "arrears", "performance decline", "loss" and other news. As a result of serious domestic production capacity, many company either no business, or rely on low profits to survive to survive.

In addition to the external environment, the inherent vicious competition is also engulfed a good picture of the manufacturing industry, also for the rolling shutter motor industry. In order to maintain the customer, to ensure that business can do, some companies at the "capital preservation" posture sales increased the risk of more small and medium-sized plant closure.

"Price is low business people have to do!" It now appears that low-cost competition is more terrible than the low tide.

In the customer can not identify the product quality of the case, the seller without the bottom line of the operation, and ultimately disrupted the market, there has been a vicious competition with the price of the phenomenon.

There is a jargon called "buy never sold fine", not the insiders never know how deep this industry this water. Recently, more and more business executives complained that low-cost competition has disrupted the normal industry order. "No matter what kind of product, there is always a lower price of the product. No matter how low the price given by the downstream user, someone will receive orders. From the production point of view, such a low price can not guarantee profit margins, If they can do, it is certainly do shoddy work and inferior material in the raw materials and technology.” Over time, the normal development of the roller shutter motor industry is bound to be threatened; the impact of Chinese manufacturing will decline.

Buyers think they accounted for a big cheap rolling door motor. But they do not know they lost much more, no matter reputations or great quality or money. We often hear a variety of customers complain about the quality problem, such as not stable quality, manufacturing change the material without informed and so on. Because of increase in raw material costs, all aspects of high cost. So low price only can buy bad-quality products of roller shutter motor. It’s must.

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In fact, in the price war game, companies can rely on mining their own advantages, to obtain more benefits. - Speak by product, win the price war!