Roller shutter motor controller box 28 Dec 2017
At present, in the DC roller door motor, DC tubular motor, DC balance door motor, there are 2 kinds appearance of controller box in our factory, the one is no display screen; the other is our new type of rolling shutter motor controller box which including display screen. Now, we introduce them in shortly:

1.The DC roll up motor controller box with display screen:

DC roll up motor controller box

Panel has up stop down three button, flash light, and middle liquid-crystal display showing power, battery, charging condition, and infrared, working current.

The panel showing: motor port, right-left install, infrared port, external switch button port, battery switch, alarm magnet connect port.

2.The DC rolling door motor controller box without display screen:

You may meet some problems in the process of using controller box:

1. Cannot be up or down

Cause of issue: Limit switch or circuit board failure or access control box line contact is not good

Troubleshooting: Replace the limit switch or replace the circuit board or recheck the control line.

3.Cannot be remote

Remote control handle battery is power off or handle is broken or coded incorrectly.

Troubleshooting: Replace the battery or replace handle or re-learn the handle.

4.Remote distance is close

Cause of issue: Remote control handle battery power shortage or antenna off or near the same frequency interference.

Troubleshooting: Replace the battery or re-solder the antenna or replace the different frequency of the control box.

5.The battery cannot carry (open the door)

Cause of issue: The battery is out of power or battery is broken or the board is faulty.

Troubleshooting: Recharge the battery or replace the battery or replace the circuit board.

6.When press the up/stop/down button on the key of controller panel cover, there are failure or no response

Cause of issue: The controller is locked.

Troubleshooting: Press the stop button on the handle to unlock it.