Rebound Rolling Door Motor 28 Dec 2017

At present, our resistance rebound roller shutter motor have 300KG and 600KG.

Rebound roller door motor is a special device on the motor. The door in the process of falling, encounter obstacles on the ground about 20CM, which can automatically rebound. When it’s not rebound in the distance from the ground below 20CM, if someone use force to breaking, it will alarming. From the appearance of the motor is not much difference. It’s added a white electronic box on the limits, this part can be an alarm in the difficult rebound.

Rebound rolling shutter motors on the market, which are not distinguish left or right installation. When they install, they need to remove the chain part of the body, rotate 180 degrees and change the left and right sides. It is very troublesome in the installation.

Our rebound roller shutter door motor is divided into left and right installation, the difference lies in the pulley helical direction of bracket’s small gear and the small gear on the bottom of gear box. The left side of the bevel gear is installed on the left side, and the right side of the bevel gear is installed on the right. Although our motor has the distinction between left and right, looks more trouble, but to confirm with the customer after the customer, the installation is very simple, there is no difference with the ordinary roll up door motor installation, and do not need to adjust the left and right motor through the disassembly.