Performance Comparison of Several Limit Modes of Rolling Shutter door 06 Jun 2017

Limit switch in the roller door motor to play the upper and lower travel in place of the automatic protection, The stability and reliability of its quality is related to the safety of curtains, if it is damaged, will cause the curtains to roll or roll back. Currently on the market rolling shutter door motor have two configurations, one for the mechanical, and the other for the electronic limit.

Our “Hualin” roller shutter motor use mechanical limit switches, the failure rate is one hundred thousandth. Although the installation is less convenient than the electronic, but only one-time, do not have to worry about it, you can rest assured that use for many years.

Two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages, are compared as follows:

1. Structure

Mechanical limit switch: Mechanical structure for the traditional way, China since 1994, has more than 20 years of history, it is made by the screw, nut block, micro switch, transmission gear, fixed seat and other components.

Electronic limit switch: Made by the photoelectric or electromagnetic sensors, electronic components, PLC counters and other original components.

2. Positioning accuracy

Mechanical limit switch: Higher

Electronic limit switch: High, But after use, it will be affected by light or dust, resulting in the original set position inaccurate.

3. Debugging difficulty

Mechanical limit switch: General

Electronic limit switch: Low

4. Service life

Mechanical limit switch: High, can reach more than 200,000 times

Electronic limit switch: Low, Affected by the ambient temperature and humidity and dust, the original device easy to aging.

5. Power failure performance

Mechanical limit switch: Not affected by power outages, even after the power outage manually, as long as no more than the original set position, after the resumption of power will still working.

Electronic limit switch: Affected by power outages, occasional loss of information after power outages, when restore power supply, you should reset and find the zero, easy to cause the top or roll back.

6. Anti-jamming capability

Mechanical limit switch: Good, not affected by the surrounding electromagnetic signal.

Electronic limit switch: Poor, there is the possibility of being punctured.

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