A golden key to open the door to wealth 28 Jul 2017

Technology innovation and progress for people's lives and work to provide a great convenience in recent years, in the real estate and infrastructure facilities, driven by the shutter door motor industry has shown a rapid development trend, has become an important pillar of the development of the shutter industry, And widely used in major shops, garages, fairways, doors and windows and other places for modern life to provide a lot of convenience.

“Hualin”— a famous brand in the rolling shutter door motor industry in China. After experiencing many manufacturing years, we fully grasp the roller shutter motor market trends, adhere to quality, innovation, is committed to providing customers with comprehensive, quality services and security for consumers to provide safe and practical, save money and worry about the products, won the praise and recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

brand shutter door motor

Why you choose “New Qilin”rolling shutter motor factory?

1. "Hualin" brand shutter door motor series have full range of variety to provide consumers with more choices;

2. "Hualin" brand roll up door motor quality is good, less failure, the product through a number of domestic and international quality certification, quality, credibility and security;

3. A most professional engineers team to help customers solve technical problems;

4. Over 90% of whole complete motor sets are manufactured by us without purchase from outside. Use the best material with automatic devices. It’s truly to ensure the stability of high quality product quality.