A Constant Pursuit Of Innovative Enterprises 27 Jun 2017


Since 2016, in the machinery industry, the output value of new products increased significantly faster. It is understood that the first two months, the machinery industry to complete the industrial added value of RMB 176.625 billion, an increase of 31.53%; completed sales value of RMB 635.152 billion, an increase of 29.42%; complete new product output value of RMB 127.54 billion, an increase of 39.64% Compared with the same period last year, 35.52 percentage points higher; new product output grew 39.64%, higher than the industrial output value of 10.42 percentage points; engineering machinery, heavy mining, agricultural machinery industry, the output value of new products grew much faster than the industry average.

Compared with developed countries, Chinese new contribution rate of machinery is lower, which only 10%. China Machinery Industry Federation recently revealed that China's machinery industry independent innovation capacity is still quite backward, the new product contribution rate of only 5.9%, only one-tenth of industrialized countries. According to reports, industrial machinery industry, the new product life cycle is generally 3 to 5 years, and China's new product life cycle of 10 years, and China's mechanical products without world famous brand, the lack of independent intellectual property rights and strong international competitiveness product. Although in recent years, China's machinery industry to achieve a lot of industrial restructuring, but in general the gap is still great, did not achieve a qualitative change.

China's machinery industry must be technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading, take the new road to enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

                                                                                                               -----From: China reducer network

NEW QILIN rolling shutter motor gets great reputations in the constantly reform and innovation because of honesty entrepreneurial spirit.

Up to now, the company passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, CCC national compulsory certification, the EU national CE certification and other quality certification, and access to "international famous brand", "national high-tech enterprises", "Fujian famous brand" "Fujian Province brand-name products", "business credit outstanding enterprises (AAA level)" and a number of honorary titles.

At the same time, NEW QILIN look forward to the development trend of the industry, take the initiative to adapt to market demand, leading products electric roller door motor as the core, increase the intensity of technological development center construction, strong R & D team, cultivate their own brand, with a number of independent intellectual property rights.

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