59L hand-chain type tubular motor series - 2017/07/12

59L hand-chain type roller shutter motor tubular motor series

The company's production of chain-type tubular motor is widely used in roller blinds, roll doors and windows, garage doors and other automated drive equipment, the product has a beautiful and practical, low noise, easy installation, concealment and small footprint and so on.
Products with hand-pull chain drive device, in the power outage can easily open doors and windows.

Compare with traditional tubular motor:

1. transfer method

59LOuter tube drive

Traditional: Inner shaft of motor

2. Transmission performance

59LWhen power-off or failure, you can easily pull the hand chain to drive the door up or down. If the motor or deceleration site occurred stuck or other causes of failure, regardless of the door to stay in any position, can be driven by hand chain.

TraditionalWhen power-off or failure,If the door is large, you will feel strenuous.  If the gear box failure (stuck), hand chain can not open the door.